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A Truly Awesome Bloody Mary usually begins with 8 “Simple Ingredients” which can easily be found in almost any Bar Manual. What makes Manny's “Ultimate” and unique are the proprietary ones it's creator so carefully incorporated into it's design. Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary DOES NOT contain nut oils or measurable amounts of seafood related products,. It can also be considered very low in sodium and Gluten Free. The specific combination of ingredients Manny's UBM uses has been designed to create a very distinct flavor profile which includes richness and depth along with a daring amount of spiciness. It's savory, stimulating, rich and bold to your taste buds. One gets the full essence and joy after allowing it to roll around in the mouth, same as a great wine or cognac. Whether you enjoy Bloody Mary’s, Bloody Maria’s, Red Snappers or just the mix over ice, Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary is very versatile and always up to the challenge. It also works as an alternative to cocktail sauce or as a marinade to add a kick to all your favorite foods. Add Manny's Bloody Mary Mix to your favorite Gazpacho, Tomato Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, Chili, Meatball and Meatloaf recipes or use as a marinade for your veggies and/or meats and seafood’s. Obviously, Vodka may be added. We suggest a “medium bodied” Vodka. One that will compliment the Manny's UBM Mix and not so “full” where it prevents the flavors of Manny's UBM from coming through but also one which isn't so mild where it may become overpowered. A gently 3-5 times distilled vodka is ideal. For the adventurous and daring, Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary pairs very well with a variety of other Spirits and is no longer just reserved for Vodka.

Think Tequila, Pisco, Mescal, Whiskey or even Sake.

Manny's Story

Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary began life over 20 years ago, before the term “Mixology” was coined. Manny Ferreira, at the time a young up and coming Professional Barman would then realize the importance of how the “art of creating a truly fabulous cocktail” would dictate and shape his destiny. What Manny so boldly did was allow the opinion of his female consumer base and their pallet to influence the way he designed his cocktails. The idea of the “Flavor Profile” soon became the objective which in terms of cocktails had long been overlooked in this industry. Although already a wonderfully tasting mix, he improved upon it by adding 3 “Contemporary ingredients”. These would become his “Signature” and this would be his“AHA” moment.

Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary is such a perfect blend of natural and familiar ingredients which it's founder HIGHLY recommends served

“AS IS”. He likes to call it the “ANYTIME/ANYWHERE Ultimate Mary”.

Upon surveying our consumer base, he came to the conclusion that approximately 80% of this product's consumers are bypassing the addition of spirits and enjoying Manny's UBM in it's natural form,

“Right out of the Jar”. Of those, 40% are enjoying Manny's UBM for breakfast (as one would a V8).

Without question,

Mr. Ferreira passionately stands behind his product and the statement,

“Manny's UBM will never disappoint”.

  • Vodka ( Bloody Mary)

  • Vodka & Beef Bullion ( Bloody bull)

  • Vodka & Clam Juice (Bloody Cesar)

  • Tequila (Bloody Maria)

  • Pisco (Bloody Marina)

  • Misqal (Bloody Mario)

  • Moonshine (Bloody Moon)

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